Rahul Mukherji

Rahul Mukherji is professor and head of the Department of Political Science in the South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University, Germany. His works include Globalization and Deregulation: Ideas Interests and Institutional Change in India (2014) and Political Economy of Reforms in India (2014).

January 2024, Volume 35, Issue 1

How to Stop India’s Authoritarian Slide

The BJP is ruling with a heavier hand than ever before, attacking opponents and silencing critics. Ironically, these may be the ideal conditions for a democratic revival—if the opposition seizes the moment.

October 2020, Volume 31, Issue 4

Covid vs. Democracy: India’s Illiberal Remedy

India’s covid-19 response has accelerated the country’s slide toward competitive authoritarian rule by centralizing decision making, undermining federalism, and providing new pretexts for stifling dissent.