The Persistence of Postcommunist Elites

Issue Date April 1996
Volume 7
Issue 2
Page Numbers 133-47
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About the Authors

John Higley

John Higley holds the Jack S. Blanton Chair in Australian Studies and directs the Edward A. Clark Center for Australian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. His books include Elites in Australia (1979), Elitism (1980), Elites, Crises and the Origins of Regimes (1998), and Elites after State Socialism (2000).

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Judith Kullberg

Judith Kullberg, assistant professor of political science at Ohio State University, specializes in Russian politics, and is currently writing a book on the Russian parliament.

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Jan Pakulski

Jan Pakulsk, associate professor of sociology at the University of Tasmania in Australia, is currently doing research on postcommunism, social stratification, and new social movements.

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