Millennials and East Asia’s Democratic Future

Issue Date April 2015
Volume 26
Issue 2
Page Numbers 151-164
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This essay examines how millennials are shaping democracy in East Asia, drawing from the third wave of the Asia Barometer Survey (2010-2013). The essay looks at how millennials engage and participate in politics, their support for democracy and conceptualization of democracy and compares these factors to older cohorts. The findings show that millennials do participate and support democracy, but do so in paradoxical ways that differ from older generations in East Asia.

About the Authors

Yun-han Chu

Yun-han Chu was an academician of Academia Sinica, where he was also Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Political Science, and professor of political science at National Taiwan University.

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Bridget Welsh

Bridget Welsh is professor of political science at Ipek University (Ankara), senior research associate at National Taiwan University’s Center for East Asia Democratic Studies, and senior associate fellow at the Habibie Center (Jakarta).

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