A Reply to My Critics

Issue Date April 2024
Volume 35
Issue 2
Page Numbers 173–179
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In this essay replying to the commenters on “The Liberalism of Refuge,” the author argues that the liberalism of refuge does not deny the importance of seeking a common good, but it recommends a vision of that good that has more openings within it for newcomers. Liberals can find in this project an antidote to self-satisfaction, stagnation, and parochialism, a worthy public purpose, vital and strengthening, and perhaps even an undertaking that offers us what we most crave — an aspiration worth sacrificing for.

About the Author

Bryan Garsten is professor of political science and humanities at Yale University. He is author of Saving Persuasion: A Defense of Rhetoric and Judgment (2006) and editor of Rousseau, the Age of Enlightenment, and Their Legacies (2012).

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